Major Reddit outage means posts and comments may not load

An illustration of the Reddit logo.
Image: The Verge

Reddit is experiencing a major outage that is stopping posts and comments from loading, depending on the situation.

I’ve observed a few different issues. When logged out, I can’t see any posts or comments at all; I’ll just get an error message or a blank page under the Reddit search bar. When logged in on an account that’s not on the old Reddit layout, posts load on the homepage, but when I click into a post from the homepage, comments don’t. (When using that account, posts wouldn’t load in specific subreddits, either.) Weirdly, on my account that uses the old Reddit layout on my desktop browser, I’m able to browse the platform just fine.

Reddit confirmed there was an issue in a post at 12:47PM ET. “We’re investigating an issue that’s...

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