Google’s new Titan security keys are ready for a world without passwords

Two cryptographic security keys, one USB-C and one USB-A on a white background.
Google Titan security keys (2023) | Image: Google

The latest iteration of Google’s Titan Security Key is here, ready to work alongside the new passwordless passkey technology that’s rolled out with support from Apple, Microsoft, Google, and many others. Two new versions of the key are available in the Google Store starting today with either a USB-C connection ($35) or USB-A connection ($30), and — like the previous versions released in 2021 — both also have NFC to connect wirelessly to phones and other mobile devices.

I’ve been using the USB-C version for a few days, and it works just as well as other keys I have, like the older Titan hardware and other FIDO2 keys from Yubico. Having NFC support on both versions is convenient so that you don’t have to choose, especially since when...

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