EVgo is trying to turn around complaints about slow, broken EV chargers

worker in a hard hat placing the plug of a new charging station back into the holster.
Image: EVgo

Imagine buying a new car, and suddenly, most gas stations are broken. That’s a reality new electric vehicle owners are finding when it comes to EV charging stations supplied by significant players like ChargePoint, Electrify America, and EVgo.

Many stations often result in customers leaving without a recharge thanks to unreliable or damaged hardware, and the situation is growing worse over time. For some EV owners, it might feel like the companies behind the charging networks are asleep at the wheel. But occasionally they stick their heads up to let us know they realize there’s a problem, and they’re laboring to fix it.

Today, for example, EVgo says it’s made “significant progress” with a renewal campaign designed to boost reliability...

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